Diviyesh Patel
Front End Developer

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Diviyesh Patel.

In short, I was born & brought up in the business sector & influenced by the creative sector, now working as a Front End Website Developer/Designer at a software company.

I studied & built a career in graphic design & progressively moved towards web design for more opportunities, but I prefer both options being creative as well as focused.

I've been hired working as a freelancer & for companies, while creating my own brands/services (if you like) & most importantly self studying to refine my skills.

By experience, I've had opportunities with many high profile companies, working with & along them. I've had great public support to help me push my boundaries & offer them with great rewards.

Being in the creative sector I was tested on design & development, creating digital content like videos for Vimeo to social management & creating HTML newsletters.

From there onwards I had been working on many CMS, such as Magento, WordPress, ASP.Net & some existing content management systems own by clients.

During the years I've developed a taste for design/build/customising websites for clients requirement while maintaining their current CMS.

There are lots of things to mention, but I would end up writing an essay in a web page! So if you are interested in what I do, then please take a look at my blog or social feeds and say hi!

PS. This website is old, but has all the information leading to relevant & current work. Problem & solution approach - you just have to find it. ('',)